She Shook Me Cold


Janis Joplin.

Imagine a relationship with someone
Who can easily explode at any moment
Who can spend days in throbbing anger
Shaking fists at unknown ghosts
Then fall to pieces right then and there
And become silent and placid
And lost and scared
Imagine waking up next to someone you love
Not knowing who they’ll be today
Not knowing if they’ll do
Everything they’ve been postponing
For months
At the same time
Or maybe
Cry all day and complain and hurt
Or maybe
Just snap and hate and kick
Imagine a relationship with someone
Who’s so scared of calling strangers
On the phone
That they can’t do simple things like
Paying your bills or taking a loan
Or have something cancelled or ordered or
Imagine loving someone
Who’s scared of life and men and open windows
Who doesn’t understand simple things like
High heels or saying good morning
Or why anyone would bring anyone flowers
They are dead
They symbolize nothing
But death
Imagine a partnership with someone
For whom everything is too loud, too bright, too crude
Someone who is either running wild
Or struggling to get out of bed
Imagine a relationship
With me
And you’ll know why I love you so much


@DarkMatterRage #TwitterPoetry: LOST IN (TRANS)LATION

I went home to my family of origin this past week and found every interaction seasoned with politics. I decided to write some short #TwitterPoetry to capture those every day moments of intimacy that often go unnoticed but mean so much for us as queers going home.

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enjoy the silence (by c’lamson (feel like breakaway))

Beetlejuice (1988)


Beetlejuice (1988)


I look good.

I mean, really good.




 Zdzislaw Beksinski Art

[ Master Polish painter of the Fantastique ]

  1. Born: 24 February 1929; Sanok, Poland.
  2. Died: 21 February 2005; Warsaw, Poland.


An amazing work of 3D art; Time Machine by Aleksandr Kuskov

CG and VFX artist Alexsandr Kuskov has crazy amounts of talent in the art of 3D. His portfolio is literally brimming with inspiring, intricate images of everything from cars and cameras to fantasy lands and beasts.